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Are there ways to fool a drug test or breath alcohol test?

It is a little easier to fool a drug test than a breath alcohol test...

Is it legal to test employees for drugs and alcohol?

The answer to this question is a qualified "yes." There is no federal law prohibiting drug or alcohol testing of employees.

How long after ingesting drugs can the drug use be detected with a urine drug screen test? (How soon after using drugs can a urine drug screen detect the drug?)

It depends on the drug used and the amount of drug used. The outer limit of detection for the commonly abused drugs is anywhere from two days for some barbiturates, to over a month for heavy, chronic marijuana use.

Will exposure to passive marijuana smoke result in a positive marijuana test?

Perhaps the most common excuse subjects give to explain their positive marijuana test might be, "I was around some people who were smoking pot."

Will eating poppy seeds on a roll or in bread result in positive opiate test?

It depends on the poppy seeds. Evidently some poppy seeds are more potent than others, and eating just one or two rolls containing potent poppy seeds may result in a positive opiate test.

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