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How do I erase the memory on the Alcomonitor CC?

The Erase Memory feature is found in the maintenance menu. • To access the maintenance menu press the Menu button. (On the Quick Screen version the operator then chooses the Maintenance option after pressing the Menu button.) The display then prompts for the PIN number.

How do I erase the memory on the RBT IV printer?

Erasing the memory on the RBT IV is a two-step process. The printer must first go through the upload process. At the end of the upload process the instrument offers the operator the option to erase memory.

The Daubert Standard

The Daubert Standard, also referred to as the Daubert Test, is a method that the courts use to determine whether expert testimony is admissible...

Are the Alco-Sensor's Clia Waived?

The Alco-Sensor's are not Clia-Waived. Clia does not cover Breath Alcohol Tests.

How many tests can I get from a roll of DP1012 Tamper Evident Paper?

The RBT IV tamper evident paper is approximately 36 ft long...

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