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Can I place an order using an international credit card?

To place an order with an international credit card.....

Which Printers are compatible with my Alco-Sensor?

The chart below lists the printer compatibility...

I calibrated my Alco-Sensor with a .038 alcohol gas tank. Can I use a .082 gas tank to do an Accuracy Check, or must I use a .038 alcohol gas tank to do Accuracy Checks?

The short answer is yes. One may use any alcohol gas tank to check the accuracy of an Alco-Sensor regardless of the alcohol tank used to calibrate the device.... Version 6.1: The Long Story

The nitty-gritty details behind the scene of our current website...

Does a reading of “.001” indicate alcohol use?

No. Even for programs with a “zero tolerance” policy we recommend using a cut-off level to define a positive test...

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