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I calibrated my Alco-Sensor with a .038 alcohol gas tank. Can I use a .082 gas tank to do an Accuracy Check, or must I use a .038 alcohol gas tank to do Accuracy Checks?

The short answer is yes. One may use any alcohol gas tank to check the accuracy of an Alco-Sensor regardless of the alcohol tank used to calibrate the device.... Version 6.1: The Long Story

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Does a reading of “.001” indicate alcohol use?

No. Even for programs with a “zero tolerance” policy we recommend using a cut-off level to define a positive test...

What is an evidential breath alcohol test? Do we need to use the same kind of breath alcohol tester that our local police department uses in order for test results to hold up in court?

An evidential breath alcohol tester is defined as being listed on the DOT Conforming Products List of Evidential Breath Measurement Devices.

How do I start the 15 minute countdown on the Alcomonitor CC that the DOT protocol requires after a positive screening test?

When an operator starts a Screening test on the Alcomonitor CC the instrument will automatically start a 15 minute countdown if the screening test result is 0.020 or greater. There is no way for the operator to manually put the instrument into the 15 minute countdown mode.

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