• No charge for repair estimates
  • Factory replacement parts
  • Three-month warranty on repairs


More than 95% of our repairs are completed within two business days of authorization. 

There are a few exceptions when we cannot do this, such as instruments with intermittent problems. 


We warranty our repair work for three months.  If you experience the same problem within that time period, we’ll fix it at no charge. 


We encourage customers to check out our Alco-Sensor Trouble Shooting page before sending an instrument for repair to ensure that the problem is not a low battery or some other simple issue that can be easily remedied without the need to send the instrument for repair.  Customers are welcome to call our Repair Department at 800 227-9890 if they are uncertain about the need to send their instrument for repair.


Please download and complete the Repair / Buy Back Form and include it with your instrument.  The form lets us know what is wrong with your instrument, and tells us where to return the instrument to you.


You may pre-authorize repairs up to certain dollar amounts on the Repair / Buy Back Form.  Your repair will very likely be completed within two business days of our receipt of your instrument if we can complete the repair within the amount you pre-authorize. 


You may ask for an estimate before we do any work.  There is no charge if you choose not to have us repair your instrument.  You can also ask us to make an offer to buy back your instrument when we evaluate your instrument for repair.  If you choose to have your instrument returned without repair, we will return it to you at our expense.   

We repair all models of Alco-Sensor instruments, including Alco-Sensor, Alco-Sensor III, Alco-Sensor IV, and Alco-Sensor FST. 


We repair Alcomonitor CC instruments at our Michigan location.  Please call for shipping instructions for Alcomonitor CC repairs. 


If you have another model of instrument please call before sending it for repair to see if we can assist you.