Alco-Sensor Buy Back Plan

AlcoPro will buy back your Alco-Sensor!  Here is how it works.Buy Back Your Alco-Sensor!


  • Download our Repair / Buy Back Form, fill it out, and send the completed form along with your Alco-Sensor to AlcoPro. 
  • Our technician will evaluate your instrument(s) and call you to make an offer.
  • You are not obligated to accept our offer.  If you decline our offer, we will send your instrument back to you at our own expense. 
  • The offer we make to buy back your Alco-Sensor is good for trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new instrument or supplies.  Or you can choose to receive a check which we will process within two weeks of your request. 



Q.  How much is my Alco-Sensor worth? 

A.  Your Alco-Sensor is worth $25, dead or alive.  We pay more for instruments that are newer and in good condition.  In general, Alco-Sensor IV and Alco-Sensor FST instruments are worth more than Alco-Sensor III instruments.


Q.  Which Alco-Sensor instruments do you buy back?

A.  We buy back:

    • Alco-Sensor
    • Alco-Sensor III
    • Alco-Sensor FST
    • Alco-Sensor IV
    • Alco-Sensor VXL 

Q.  Do you buy back other types of Intoximeters instruments?

A.  Yes, we buy back RBT IV and Alcomonitor CC instruments.


Q.  Do you buy back instruments from manufacturers other than Intoximeters?

A.  Not usually.  Please call before you send an instrument from another manufacturer. 


Q.  What do you do with the instruments you buy back?

A.  It depends on the age of the instrument.  We junk the older instruments for parts, and we refurbish the instruments that still have some life in them. 


Q.  Where do I ship my Alco-Sensor for your evaluation?

A.  Our shipping address and instructions are on the Repair / Buy Back Form.  Here it is again:


AlcoPro, Inc.

Attn: Buy Back Plan

2547 Sutherland Ave.

Knoxville, TN 37919