Refurbished Alco-Sensor IV

Evidential Accuracy
The Alco-Sensor IV is approved by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) as an evidential breath testing device. The Alco-Sensor IV is widely used in the workplace for alcohol testing required by DOT regulations, and by law enforcement agencies as a PBT (Preliminary Breath Tester). Accuracy exceeds +/- .005 at .100 BrAC.
Fool-proof Results with Automatic Breath Sampling
The Alco-Sensor IV monitors a subjects breath and performs a test only when the subject delivers a continuous deep breath sample. Automatic breath sampling ensures precise, accurate results. The operator can manually override the automatic breath sample feature to test subjects with shy lung or who are uncooperative.
Displays Step-by-step Instructions
The Alco-Sensor IV displays messages that guide the operator through the test procedure. For example, when the instrument is ready to accept a breath sample it displays the message TEST. After the Alco-Sensor IV displays the three-digit test result it displays SET to prompt the operator to press the Set button.
Printer and Computer Capable
The Alco-Sensor IV can connect to the RBT IV printer to give a printed record of test results. The Alco-Sensor IV (blue dot version) can connect to a computer running the Alco-Sensor IV @ Work software to perform DOT alcohol testing.

Sensor type

Electrochemical Oxidation (fuel cell)

Range of measurement

.000 - .400 BrAC

Accuracy and precision

U.S. DOT approved for evidential use

Breath sampling

Automatic with manual override

Response time

5 10 seconds negative results, 10 30 seconds positive results

Power requirement

9-volt battery (included)

Test mode



Microprocessor controlled, using gas or wet bath simulator


Last test

Print capability

Yes, with RBT IV printer

Computer capability

Yes, blue dot version only, Alco-Sensor IV @ Work software

Temperature range

0 40 degrees C


3 x 5 x 1 , 11 oz.


Six-month parts and labor

  • Hard-shell carrying case
  • 25 mouthpieces
  • Calibration tool
  • Battery
  • Manual

Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments
There are two procedures used to maintain the accuracy of alcohol testing instruments. The operator performs the Accuracy Check procedure to determine if the instrument is reading correctly. If the Accuracy Check procedure determines that the instrument is not reading correctly, the operator performs a Calibration Adjustment procedure. The operator must have acceptable Accuracy Check and Calibration Equipment to perform the Accuracy Check and Calibration Adjustment procedure.
Frequency of Accuracy Checks
In general, Intoximeters recommends performing Accuracy Checks at least once a month. Programs may develop their own policies to perform Accuracy Checks at more frequent intervals.
Frequency of Calibration Adjustments
In general, Intoximeters does not require the operator to perform periodic Calibration Adjustments. Calibration Adjustments are performed only when an Accuracy Check procedure determines that the instrument is not reading correctly. Agencies may develop their own policies that require periodic Calibration Adjustments.
Accuracy Check and Calibration Equipment
The following equipment may be used to perform Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments with the Alco-Sensor IV.
Alcohol Gas Tank and Regulator
Quality Assurance Plan
When performing Dept. of Transportation (DOT) alcohol testing operators are required to follow the Intoximeter Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). The QAP specifies the frequency of Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments and other procedures to maintain the instrument in accurate condition.

Treatment Facilities Law Enforcement Schools Corrections
  • Limited Quantities Available
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for Fuel Cell preparation before shipping


Price $395.00

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