Instant-View - Barbiturate - Expires 3/31/15

Cassette or Dip Format

The Instant-View drug multi-panel drug test kits offer the operator two ways to perform the test. The operator can use the kit as a conventional cassette format by using the pipette to add drops of urine to the sample well. Or the operator can use the Instant-View as a dip test by dipping the end of the test directly into the urine specimen. Single-panel kits are designed as cassette format only.


Value and Accuracy

Instant-View drug test kits offer reliable value. Manufactured in the USA by Alfa Scientific Designs, the Instant-View kits offer an affordable, quality solution to drug testing. Instant-View cut-off levels conform to SAMHSA guidelines.


CLIA Waived

The Instant-View kits are available upon request with CLIA-waived packaging. CLIA-waived status means that non-laboratory personnel can get the same, accurate results with the Instant-View as laboratory personnel. CLIA-waived status allows the Instant-View to be used in a wide variety of settings and reduces the compliance overhead that might otherwise be required in some medical settings.

Test Medium



Cassette or dip card

Cut-off levels


AMP (amphetamine)

1000 ng/ml

BAR (barbiturate)

200 ng/ml

BZO (benzodiazepines)

300 ng/ml

COC (cocaine)

300 ng/ml

MET (methamphetamine)

1000 ng/ml

MOR (morphine)

300 ng/ml

MTD (methadone)

300 ng/ml

PCP (phencyclidine)

25 ng/ml

PPX (propoxphlene)

300 ng/ml

TCA (tricyclics)

1000 ng/ml

THC (marijuana)

12 ng/ml

XTC (MDMA,ecstasy)

500 ng/ml



Dip multi-panel kits directly into specimen.



Pipette specimen into sample well.

CLIA Treatment Facilities Law Enforcement Schools Corrections
  • Cassette or dip formats
  • Made in USA
  • Value pricing, accurate results
  • CLIA Waived


Special Pricing - Expires 3/31/2014

While Supplies Last

Price $.65

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