Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse

Test for Five Drugs of Abuse

The hair drug test system tests for five of the most commonly abused drugs that are mandated by federal government regulations for workplace testing: cocaine, marijuana (THC), opiates, amphetamine, and PCP. Omega Laboratories also offers an extended opiate panel to test for many of the synthetic opiate drugs that are frequently abused. Please inquire for pricing and ordering information for the extended opiate panel.


90 Day Window of Detection

When collecting a hair sample the collector cuts a small swatch of hair close to the scalp. The collector sends to the lab only the 1 of hair that grew closest to the scalp. Because hair grows approximately a month, the 1 specimen represents three months of growth. Because it takes only four to five days after drug use for hair to grow above the scalp, any drug use during the three months prior to the hair test will be detected with the hair test.


Eliminates Specimen Tampering and Adulteration

At this time there are no known adulterants for hair tests. Since hair tests analyze the drugs inside the hair shaft, external contaminants and chemicals have no effect on the hair test. The non-intrusive collection procedure virtually eliminates test evasion, making hair testing far more effective than urinalysis in correctly identifying drug users. Two independent studies found that hair testing detected four to eight times as many drug users as did urine testing.


Laboratory GC/MS Confirmation

The laboratory first performs a screening test using enzyme immunoassay methodology to detect the possible presence of drugs. Non-negative specimens are re-tested using GC/MS. To rule out the possibility of external contamination and to increase the level of certainty, GC/MS testing also looks for both the parent drug and/or the drug metabolites, as appropriate for the particular drug.



Test medium



Laboratory test

Cut-off levels



500 pg/mg


500 pg/mg


300 pg/mg


300 pg/mg


1.00 pg/mg

Workplace Treatment Facilities Law Enforcement Schools Corrections Personal Use
  • Test for five drugs of abuse
  • 90 day window of detection
  • Detects more drug users than urine testing
  • Laboratory GC/MS confirmation
Price $79.00

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