Nicalert Saliva Nicotine Test

Detects Recent Tobacco Use

The NicAlert device is ideal for determining tobacco use. The NicAlert detects cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine. Cotinine is the preferred marker for tobacco use because cotinine stays in the body much longer than does nicotine. The presence of cotinine in saliva or urine is a reliable indicator for tobacco use within the past several days.


Test Saliva or Urine

The NicAlert can be used to test urine or saliva. Both mediums provide reliable methods for determining tobacco use. Because most users prefer the convenience of saliva, we provide saliva collection containers with every kit. We include instructions and interpretation charts for using the NicAlert with saliva and with urine.


Semi-Quantitative Results

The NicAlert is the only nicotine device we know of that gives semi-quantitative results. The presence of nicotine in saliva or urine creates a green colored band on the strip. Higher concentrations of nicotine cause the band to move higher on the strip. The test strip is divided into six zones to assist the operator in interpreting test results. High concentrations of nicotine indicate recent tobacco use or heavy, chronic use.

Test Medium

Saliva or Urine

Test Format

Dip stick

Measurement range

0 - >2000 ng/ml cotinine

Treatment Facilities Law Enforcement Schools Corrections Personal Use
  • Detects recent tobacco use
  • Use with saliva or urine
  • Results in minutes
  • Semi-quantitative results
Price $14.00

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