EtG Alcohol Metabolite Lab Test

What is an EtG test?

Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of ethyl alcohol. Unlike the original ethyl alcohol molecule that is gone from the body within hours of drinking, the EtG metabolite remains in the system for three to four days after drinking - up to 80 hours. This creates the ideal tool for those agencies and programs that have a true "zero tolerance" policy for alcohol use.


How does it work?

We provide a urine collection container, chain of custody form, and shipping container to return the urine specimen to the lab. The laboratory analyzes the specimen using liquid chromatography/mass spectronomy (LC/MS), a sensitive and specific laboratory technique that can conclusively identify the presence of the EtG metabolite. Lab results are faxed immediately.


What about false positives?

Exposure to many products containing alcohol, from mouthwash to hand disinfectant, can create low levels of EtG in a person. Our lab uses a cut-off level of 500 ng/ml to ensure that positive test results are from the consumption of alcohol, and not from incidental exposure to alcohol.

Treatment Facilities Law Enforcement Schools Corrections Personal Use
  • Detects alcohol use 80 hours after consumption
  • Ideal for monitoring abstinence for alcohol
  • Can detect as little as one drink
  • Includes Next Day Shipping to Lab
Price $55.00


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