CheckPoint Breath Alcohol Test .02 - Box of 25

Easy to use - Crush and Blow
Performing an alcohol test with the CheckPoint couldn't be easier. The user squeezes the test once, then blows directly into the test for 12 seconds. Any alcohol in the breath turns the yellow crystals to green or blue color within two minutes.
Detects low alcohol concentrations
The CheckPoint can detect alcohol concentrations as low as 0.02 BrAC, which is about the intoxication level from one drink for most people. The CheckPoint 02 device is ideal for programs with zero tolerance policies.
Pass/Fail Results
When alcohol is present at or above the cut-off level the yellow crystals turn to a green or blue color. The green or blue color change indicates a positive test. The yellow crystals remain unchanged if the subject has no alcohol in the breath.
Multiple Cut-off Levels
The CheckPoint breath alcohol test comes in a variety of cut-off levels to meet the needs workplace, corrections, military, and other agencies where individuals must be monitored for alcohol use. Cut-off levels include 0.02%, 0.04%, and 0.08% BrAC.

Test Medium


Test principle

Dichromate chemical

Reading Time

Two minutes


Qualitative pass/fail

Measurement Range

0.02%, 0.04%, 0.08%

Shelf life

Three years from date of manufacture


To use the test, the user first crushes the test between fingers.



The user then blows into the test for 12 seconds.



The yellow crystals change to a blue or blue-green color in the presence of alcohol.


CLIA Personal Use
  • Easy to use Crush and blow
  • Detects low alcohol concentrations
  • Pass/Fail results
  • Multiple cut-off levels
Price $48.75

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