DP1012 Printer

Reliable, Portable Printing
The DP1012 impact serial printer is widely used thought industry because of its reliability and rugged construction. The DP1012 prints on single ply paper or on 3-ply paper to meet the needs of a variety of testing needs. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the DP1012 offers total portability.

The DP1012 connects with Alco-Sensor IV with Memory. The Alco-Sensor IV with Memory and DP1012 printer make a very popular, low-cost system for DOT alcohol testing. Law enforcement agencies frequently use the same combination for DUI alcohol testing.

Connects to

Alco-Sensor IV with Memory (black dot)


Single-ply or 3-ply


Yes, rechargeable batteries

Carrying case

Pelican case or nylon case, also holds Alco-Sensor IV with Memory


Power Requirement

Built in rechargeable batteries


  • Pelican carrying case
  • Alco-Sensor IV connecting cable
  • 100 mouthpieces
  • Printer paper
  • Printer ribbon
  • Battery charger
  • Manual
Workplace Law Enforcement
  • Battery powered for total portability
  • Prints on single-ply or 3-ply paper
  • Rechargeable batteries for economical operating cost
  • Rugged, durable operation for years of service
  • Connects to Alco-Sensor IV with Memory
Price $680.00


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