Passive Alcohol Test Built Into Flashlight
The P.A.S. IV combines a passive alcohol test device and a high-intensity flashlight. The latest generation of the device boasts a brighter light that compares favorably with any other high-intensity flashlight. The shorter case and lighter weight make the P.A.S. IV easy to carry and use either as a flashlight or as a passive alcohol tester.

Sniffs for Alcohol Without a Mouthpiece
The PAS IV uses passive alcohol test technology to sniff the breath of a person or the interior of a car for the presence of alcohol. The PAS IV is designed to detect alcohol with or without the subjects participation. The operator positions the PAS IV flashlight close to a subjects face and asks them to talk or blow at the device. A fan inside the device pulls in a portion of the subjects breath to analyze for alcohol. Yellow and red lights come on to indicate the presence of alcohol.

Fuel Cell Sensor Specific for Alcohol
The P.A.S. IV uses a fuel cell to detect alcohol. Fuel cell sensors are typically used in top-of-the-line evidential breath alcohol testers because of their ability to detect low amounts of alcohol and because they are specific to alcohol. That means that operators using the PAS IV can have a high degree of confidence that positive results with the PAS IV are due only to alcohol.

Battery Charge Doubles as Storage Rack
The PAS IV flashlight comes equipped with a rechargeable NiMH battery pack and a battery charger that operates on AC or DC power. The PAS IV snaps securely into the battery charger cradle. When mounted in a car the charger also secures the device for ready, convenient access as it charges the batteries.

Sensor type

Electrochemical Oxidation (fuel cell)


Colored light bar graph

Breath sampling

Breath sample intake fan, manual start

Response time

5 10 seconds negative results, 10 30 seconds positive results

Power requirement

NiMH battery pack (included)

Test mode



Using wet bath simulator

Temperature range

10 40 C


11 x 2, 1 lb 9 oz.


one-year parts and labor, two years fuel cell

  • Rechargeable battery
  • AC battery charger and mounting rack
  • DC auto adapter
  • Padded carrying case
  • Operating manual
Law Enforcement Corrections
  • Combines high-intensity flashlight with passive alcohol sensor
  • Sniffs breath, air, or beverage for alcohol
  • Battery charger cradle doubles as storage rack
  • Fuel cell alcohol sensor specific for alcohol
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
Price $749.00


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