AlcoPro 2000

Reliable Semi-conductor Technology
The AlcoPro 2000 uses a semi-conductor sensor to detect alcohol and a needle pointer to indicate test results. The AlcoPro 2000 displays results to 0.15 BAC. The needle pointer holds the reading until the operator clears it, allowing the operator to retain the test result as long as necessary for others to view and verify.

Battery or AC Power
We offer the AlcoPro 2000 in a battery version or AC adapter version. We recommend the AC adapter version for agencies that perform large numbers of tests because of the convenience and the savings of not having to frequently replace the AA batteries. The battery powered version best meets the needs of agencies that do less frequent testing and need total portability.

Economical Operation with Beverage Straws as Mouthpieces
We include a straw adapter with every AlcoPro 2000 that enables the operator to use beverage straws as mouthpieces. Because beverage straws cost only a penny each, the straws virtually eliminate the expense of mouthpieces.

Affordable Accuracy Checks and Calibrations
The optional Equilibrator enables agencies to perform accuracy checks and calibration adjustments on the AlcoPro 2000. Periodic accuracy checks take only a few minutes to perform, and give staff assurance that the device is giving accurate readings they can rely upon.

Sensor type


Range of measurement

.00 .15 BrAC

Accuracy and precision

+/- .02 BrAC

Breath sampling

Five seconds of breath

Response time

5 seconds

Power requirement

6 AA batteries (included)

Test mode



Using Simulator or Equilibrator



Print capability


Temperature range

10 40 degrees C


6 x 2 x 1


Six months parts and labor

  • Batteries
  • 100 beverage straws
  • Straw adaptor
  • Instruction sheet

Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments

There are two procedures used to maintain the accuracy of alcohol testing instruments. The operator performs the Accuracy Check procedure to determine if the instrument is reading correctly. If the Accuracy Check procedure determines that the instrument is not reading correctly, the operator performs a Calibration Adjustment procedure. The operator must have acceptable Accuracy Check and Calibration Equipment to perform the Accuracy Check and Calibration Adjustment procedure.


Frequency of Accuracy Checks

In general, AlcoPro recommends performing Accuracy Checks at least once a month if a program has the equipment to perform Accuracy Checks. Programs may develop their own policies to perform Accuracy Checks at more frequent intervals.


Frequency of Calibration Adjustments

In general, AlcoPro does not require the operator to perform periodic Calibration Adjustments. Calibration Adjustments are performed only when an Accuracy Check procedure determines that the instrument is not reading correctly. Agencies may develop their own policies that require periodic Calibration Adjustments.


Accuracy Check and Calibration Equipment

We recommend using the Equilibrator to perform Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments. The relative cost of the Equilibrator compared to the cost of the AlcoPro 2000 provides an affordable means for the user to perform the Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments. The Simulator can also be used, but the relative cost of the Simulator compared to the cost of the AlcoPro 2000 usually does not justify the investment in a Simulator.


Treatment Facilities Personal Use
  • Economical semi-conductor alcohol sensor
  • Total portability with AA battery power
  • Uses beverage straws as mouthpieces to minimize operating cost
  • Affordable accuracy checks with Equilibrator
Price $199.00

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