Tech Room Tip: It’s the Battery!


The Alco-Sensor instruments are some of the most durable instruments available.  Nevertheless, once in a while an instrument stops working correctly.  While AlcoPro’s repair department is glad to get your Alco-Sensor working again, sometimes we find that the instrument only needs a new battery.  Here are a few tips to try before sending your Alco-Sensor in for repair. 


Alco-Sensor III – (previous version without the red mouthpiece ejector button) 

Problem:  Display reads “888.”

Solution:  “888” is the message that the battery is low.  Replace the battery with a fresh 9 volt alkaline battery. 

Note that current version Alco-Sensor III (with red mouthpiece ejector button) displays the message “bat” for low battery. 


Alco-Sensor IV 

Problem:  Display keeps cycling back to temperature display (i.e., “24 ºc”) without going to the message “TEST.”

Solution:  Battery may be low.  Replace battery with a fresh 9 volt alkaline battery.


Alco-Sensor FST 

Problem:  Alco-Sensor FST does not come on.

Solution:  Battery may be low, or battery contacts may be corroded.  Replace all batteries with fresh alkaline AA batteries, and clean battery terminals if there are signs of corrosion.


RBT IV Printer 

Problem:  RBT IV printer will not print.

Solution:  Printer battery may need charging or replacing.  

Still need repair help?  AlcoPro offers really fast repair service.  Our goal is to repair your instrument within two business days of authorization.  Click here to download our Repair / Buy Back form that has complete instructions for sending your instrument to AlcoPro for servicing.