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What's your call?


It is not unusual for an individual who has a positive alcohol test to claim that the positive alcohol test was caused by _________________ (fill in the blank), and to deny they had been drinking alcohol. We frequently get questions asking whether a subject's explanation is plausible....
Conflicting Marijuana Laws Create Confusion


During our country's recent November elections, quite a few state-level initiatives relating to marijuana were placed before voters. The new or amended initiatives in the states of Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, and Montana are varied in their focus, but the main issues address two broad areas of marijuana law: medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.....
BAT and Collector Training FAQs


Must BATs and Collectors receive refresher training?
Fuel Cell Facts


Alco-Sensors are some of the most durable breath testing instruments on the market. It's not unusual for our customers to keep them in service for ten to fifteen years....
49 CFR Part 40 and DOT Agency Regulations - What's the Difference?


When it comes to DOT regulations sometimes it's more useful to know where to look for an answer than it is to try to memorize all the answers. While CFR 49 Part 40 contains the answers to many questions regarding DOT regulations, this set of regulations is not the only source for information.
Bath Salts: What do we really know?


The recent emergence of this dangerous family of man-made drugs, along with other designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana, K2, and Spice, has led to a lot of confusion as to just what Bath Salts actually are, or are not.
Fake Temperature Strips?


"Donors have found a way to substitute fake temperature strips with in-range temperature readings for actual strips. This allows donors to submit cold, substituted specimens without the extra challenge of trying to keep it within the acceptable temperature range.
Happy 30th!


We decided to use this month’s newsletter to celebrate AlcoPro’s 30th year in business. Just like a kid rounds up his age to sound a little older than he is, we’ve been saying “almost 30 years in business” for a year or two. August 2012 made it official: exactly 30 years since AlcoPro first started doing business in August 1982.
DOT Publishes New Q & A


The Department of Transportation published a new Q & A on July 26, 2012 that explains how the Public Interest Exclusion (PIE) process works when a service agent has been convicted for an offense related to non-compliance with Part 40 or DOT Agency drug and alcohol testing rules.
Drinking and Driving at the 2012 Olympics


No, this article is not about a new Olympic event. For those of you lucky enough to attend the Olympics in London this month, and for those watching the Olympics on television, we wanted to present a few useful facts about drunk driving in Great Britain to add a little color and background to the athletic events taking place in the London area.
To Sign or Not to Sign: Non-DOT Alcohol Testing


Whenever we get questions about the Non-DOT Alcohol Testing Form we frequently find it useful to remember that many companies were doing what we now call "non-DOT" alcohol testing before the DOT alcohol testing regulations were implemented in 1994.
We Have Answers! What's Your Question?


Our customers who have been on our new website may have noticed a new feature that we call our Knowledge Base. OurKnowledge Base collects a wide assortment of information - knowledge that has been in our heads, CFR Part 40 Regulations, articles and FAQs that we have written over the 30 years we have been in business - to create a searchable database capable of answering as many of the questions we have received as possible.
Tech Room Tip: It’s the Battery!


The Alco-Sensor instruments are some of the most durable instruments available. Nevertheless, once in a while an instrument stops working correctly. While AlcoPro’s repair department is glad to get your Alco-Sensor working again, sometimes we find that the instrument only needs a new battery. Here are a few tips to try before sending your Alco-Sensor in for repair.
AlcoPro's New Website - At Last!


On May 1 we flipped the switch to turn on our new website. We are still at www.alcopro.com. If you have been a regular visitor to our previous website you will know immediately that our site has changed. The new alcopro.com has a totally different look, thanks to the work by Rumbolt Design.
DOT forms vs. Non-DOT forms


We've been getting a lot of questions recently about using DOT Alcohol Test Forms for non-DOT testing, and using Non-DOT Alcohol Test Forms for DOT testing. Here is what you need to know.
How Long Between Alcohol Screening and Confirmation Test?


When the Dept. of Transportation proposed rules for using Alcohol Screening Devices they requested comments regarding extending the time to complete the confirmation test...
BAT Training and STT Training - What's the Difference?


The curriculum for training BATs and STTs is almost identical. Both curriculums include a knowledge component that covers the DOT alcohol test protocol (units one through seven of the model BAT curriculum), and both have a hands-on component that requires the student to demonstrate proficiency using the device on which they are training.
Breath Alcohol Technician or Breath Alcohol Test Operator?


Many non-regulated companies choose to follow the “gold standard” of the DOT protocol, including training their staff as Breath Alcohol Technicians...
Five Things to Know About the Sweat Patch Drug Test System


Key facts about how the sweat patch works to assist professionals who are considering using the sweat patch in their drug testing program...
That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It!


That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It! Or, My Urine is Always Blue, Why Do You Ask?
What You Need to Know About Alcohol Test Cut-off Levels


The concept of cut-off levels is a fundamental concept of drug and alcohol testing with which every professional should be familiar...