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Introducing AlcoPro's New Website


We have two primary goals with our newly revised website:  make the on-line ordering process convenient, and provide answers to as many of our customer's questions as possible.  Here is a list of the features on our new website.

  • Searchable Knowledgebase.  Our knowledgebase includes the complete DOT CFR Part 40 regulations, as well as articles that address common and not-so-common questions relating to drug and alcohol testing.
  • Newsletter Archive.  We've posted articles from every email newsletter from January 2010.
  • Latest News.  We post articles with up-to-date information on industry and regulatory changes.
  • Window of Detection Tool calculates how long drugs are detected in urine, sweat, hair, and saliva, and also give street names for most drugs.
  • Drink Wheel calculates intoxication levels based on number of drinks, weight, and gender.
  • Drug Test Finder enables a user to input specific drugs of abuse to find the products we offer to test for those drugs.
  • Product Library gathers all the relevant documents for each of our products that are available for viewing and download.
  • Trouble Shooting guide for Alco-Sensor instruments gives solutions to the most frequent questions and problems.   
  • On-line catalog with flip page turning allows users to view our print catalog on-line.
  • Buyers Guide categorizes our products by application to assist customers in selecting products appropriate to their needs.


Please let us know if you see anything on our new site that needs fixing, of if you have any comments.