Alco-Sensor VXL: Which Version is Right for You?


The new Alco-Sensor VXL comes in several different configurations and firmware options to meet a wide variety of applications. AlcoPro's customer service staff typically helps guides our customers in selecting the appropriate version for their application. To give a more detailed look at these instruments, we've created some short video clips for a peek at what makes one version different from another...
FRA Hours of Service and Drug Testing: "Sorry, my shift is over, I can't stay for my drug test."


Question: A collector prepared to perform a random DOT drug and alcohol test on a rail road employee who works a safety sensitive position and under "hours of service" rules. This employee selected for the random test said he could not stay for the random test because he had worked 12 hours, which is the maximum amount of hours a safety sensitive worker can work in a day as described in "hours of service rules of the FRA". Is this employee justified in leaving before completing the random drug and alcohol test?
What if... Air Blank is Not Zero?


Here are a couple of questions from our mail box about air blanks that are specific to the Alcomonitor CC, but can be generalized to all EBTs....
New Synthetic Opiate Panel for Sweat Patch


Pharmchem has just announced a new expanded opiate panel for the sweat patch that will detect Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone. The new panel adds these synthetic opiates to the existing panel for Cocaine, Opiates (6-MAM, Codeine, and Morphine), Amphetamine/Methamphetamine, PCP, and Marijuana....