Unusual Collection Scenarios: "I Can't Do This!" ...A Change of Heart


Here is an unusual collection scenario related by one of our customers. Here is what happened...
"Will My Drug Test be Positive if...?" - Our Most Bizarre Questions


One of the consequences of AlcoPro's prominent website is that we get a lot of phone calls with questions about drug and alcohol testing. The most unusual calls tend to be from individuals who are not our customers, but who have been tested or about to be tested for drugs and/or alcohol. Generally these questions are along the lines of what we call "passive ingestion." We are never sure if the caller is truly anxious about passing a drug test, or is just trying out an excuse for why their drug test will be positive. Here is a sampling of those questions...
Certified Medical Examiner:


We've been getting calls asking about the requirement for physicians who perform DOT physicals to be trained and registered. We asked our colleague, Clinton (Marc) Smith, DC, to write an article explaining the ins and outs of the Medical Examiner program. Dr. Smith has been involved with this new program since its inception eight years ago, and is our go-to person for understanding the details of this program...
Collector Refresher Training Shortcuts?


We are frequently asked if there is a "shortcut" for refresher training for Collectors. For example, will a quick review of the split-specimen collection procedure satisfy the requirement for refresher training? The answer is that there is no training shortcut for Collector Refresher training. The regulations are unambiguous on this point. Here is what the regulations state: