Satisfaction and Warranty Policy

Customer Satisfaction Policy

AlcoPro follows the following principles to ensure that we consistently satisfy the expectations of our customers.


Our employees will:

  • Proactively solicit customer needs and expectations.
  • Confirm that we have understood our customer’s expectations.
  • Develop, package, deliver and support our products to meet our customer’s expectations. 
  • Measure the degree to which we meet our customer’s expectations.
  • When a customer cannot make a product work properly, assume the customer has done their best, and provide assistance to the customer.  Never blame a problem with a product on our customer. 
  • Close any gaps between the customer’s expectations and our customer’s experience.


 Warranty Policy

AlcoPro guarantees that the products we sell are free of defects and will perform as described for the guarantee or expiration-date period offered by the manufacturer.  If a product does not perform correctly, AlcoPro will work with our customer to find a resolution to the problem.  Possible resolutions include, but are not limited to: exchanging the product, repairing the product, refunding the customer's purchase price, or offering customer credit towards future purchases. 


The following are average warranty periods for our most popular products:

  • Intoximeter Products (Alco-Sensors, Alcomonitor CC) :  One year
  • P.A.S. International (passive alcohol testers):  One year
  • Disposable alcohol tests:  12 - 36 months
  • Drug test kits:  12 months