Email and Phone Info

Customer Service, Repair Dept., and Training:

800 227-9890 or 865 525-4900

Customers who call after regular business hours may leave a message on our voice mail system. Please refer to our staff extension list below. Customers who wish to place an order, request free BAC Wheels, or request additional information on our products may leave a message on the Customer Service extension. We will return your call promptly on the next business day.


Staff extension list:

  • Carol Comer, Administrative Asst., ext. 232

  • Jim Williams, Shipping Clerk., ext. 233

  • Jack Singleton, President, ext. 229

  • Jose Contreras, Repair Dept., ext. 241

  • Lorraine Jenkins, Production Mgr., ext. 224

  • Mike Drysdale, Repair Dept. Mgr., ext. 223

  • Sam Smithey, Special Projects Mgr., ext. 222

  • Shannan Kennedy, Customer Service Mgr., ext. 227

  • Gina Duck, Accounting Mgr, ext. 221

  • Josh Mincey, Training Director, ext 228 

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