Our Staff

Most AlcoPro employees have several job responsibilities.  As with any small business, most of our employees wear several hats during the day.  Although we have two individuals who are our primary customer service representatives, all our staff are ready to fill in as customer service representatives when the phone lines get busy. 


Jack Singleton, President

Jack founded AlcoPro, Inc. in 1982.  He is uniquely qualified to be in the business of selling drug and alcohol testing products with a Liberal Arts Degree, a Masters of Social Work Administration and Planning, and a Certified Public Account certificate.  


Josh Mincey, Training Coordinator

Josh is AlcoPro's newest in a long line of expert Training Coordinators.  He trains students all over the country, on-site and at our regularly scheduled regional classes in Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and more!


Shannan Kennedy, Customer Service Manager

Shannan is a 20-year veteran with AlcoPro.  She utilizes her extensive product knowledge to assist our customers with their purchasing decisions, and also manages the shipping department.


Lorraine Jenkins, Production Manager

Lorraine manages the production of the CheckPoint and Alco-Breath Tube alcohol test devices that AlcoPro manufacturers.  Lorraine has been with AlcoPro for over 12 years. 


Mike Drysdale, Repair Dept. Manager

Mike works continually to streamline the repair process so that we can turn around repairs as quickly as possible. 


Gina Duck, Accounting Manager

Gina manages the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Invoicing functions. 


Carol Comer, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant

Carol doubles as a customer service representative and supports our training functions.  Carol also oversees our Quality System documentation, handles our web orders, and coordinates our Alcomonitor CC repair work. Carol has over 11 years of experience with Alcopro.


Becky Cox, Receptionist

Becky is the friendly voice who greets you when you call AlcoPro during working hours. 


Jose Contreras, Assistant Repair Technician, Special Projects Assistant

Jose spends most of his time with the repair department, and also assists with international sales and with maintaining our Quality System documentation. 


Jim Williams, Shipping Clerk

Jim  does the vital job of getting our customer’s orders boxed and out the door every day. 


Dreama Johnson, Production Assistant

Dreama works in our production department to manufacture the Alco-Breath Tube and CheckPoint alcohol test devices.