Our History

AlcoPro began in Knoxville, TN in 1982 when Jack Singleton had an inspiration that consumers might want an easy to use, inexpensive alcohol testing device to know if they should drive after drinking.  Jack located a manufacturer of disposable breath test devices (Luckey Laboratories, one of the pioneer breath alcohol testing companies), and AlcoPro began packaging the devices under their “BAT” and “The Alcohol Test” labels.  Today AlcoPro manufactures that same device (now called the Alco-Breath Tube) that was the beginning of the business.


After only modest success selling the alcohol testing devices in stores, the business began offering the devices to DUI education programs.  The first direct mail pieces were individual personalized letters, typed on a typewriter.  The personalized letters were quickly replaced with simple printed marketing material.  Over the next several years the company added additional alcohol testing products to the product line, and began offering the alcohol testing products to substance abuse treatment programs throughout the country.   The simple printed marketing material and expanded line of drug and alcohol testing products grew into the 48 page full color catalog that AlcoPro mails today.


AlcoPro has several key long-standing business relationships that have significantly contributed to the success of the business.  F&E Printing, operated by David McCarley, has worked with AlcoPro since 1983 to offer innumerable suggestions that have increased efficiency and reduced costs.   


In 1985 AlcoPro began offering Alco-Sensor instruments manufactured by Intoximeters, Inc.  This marked the beginning of a long-term relationship with the premier manufacturer of evidential quality breath testing instruments. 


During these first years the business operated out of Jack’s house in Knoxville TN, with as many as seven part time employees crowded into the basement.  In 1990 the business moved to 3 Forest Ct. in Knoxville, an area where small houses had been converted to business use.  In 1999 AlcoPro built and moved into the architecturally unique building the business currently occupies at 2547 Sutherland Ave. in Knoxville, TN.