Our Company

Our most important product is excellent customer service.  We strive to be courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable in our interactions with customers. 


AlcoPro, Inc. specializes in professional quality on-site drug and alcohol testing products.  AlcoPro has an extensive offering of alcohol testing devices, from low-cost disposable screening testers to table-top evidential breath testing instruments.  AlcoPro offers a complete selection of drug testing products, from on-site kits to hair and sweat testing products.


AlcoPro is primarily a direct mail business.  We offer our products in catalogs that we mail to existing and prospective customers throughout the country in law enforcement, corrections, substance abuse treatment, and schools.  Our website has grown to provide not only on-line ordering, but also a wide variety of information on all aspects of drug and alcohol testing.   


AlcoPro distributes the Intoximeter line of Alco-Sensor products.  AlcoPro has a long-standing relationship with Intoximeters, and the two companies work closely together to meet our customers’ needs for evidential-quality breath testing devices. 


AlcoPro manufactures two disposable breath test devices:  The CheckPoint device and the Alco-Breath Tube.  Both devices have FDA 510-k clearance for over the counter sales.


AlcoPro maintains a service department staffed with factory trained technicians to repair all models of Alco-Sensors.  Our service goal is to repair instruments within two business days.


AlcoPro has a full-time Training Director who provides training services to support all products that AlcoPro offers.  AlcoPro was one of the first companies to offer Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training, and our classes consistently receive excellent reviews.