CheckPoint Alcohol Test

  • Easy to use - crush and blow
  • Available in 0.02, 0.04, and .08 threshold levels
  • FDA Cleared



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CheckPoint Drug Test Kits

    • Clia-Waived
    • Easy-to-use dip format
    • Single and multi-panel
    • Our most affordable dip drug test





Alco-Sensor Instruments

  • Evidential accuracy
  • Automatic breath sampling
  • The most popular models of  breath testing instruments 
  • GSA Pricing Available 



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  • Mouthpieces for most alcohol testing instruments
  • Quantity discounts
  • Available in any quantity




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BAT Training Courses

  • BAT Training in regional classes
  • BAT Training at your location
  • Train on all Intoximeter instruments




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Window of Detection

Displays detection times for dozens of drugs when testing urine, sweat, saliva and hair. Includes table of common "street" names link

Drink Wheel

This tool uses the Widmark formula to estimate intoxication levels based on gender, body size and the number of drinks. link

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